A Night at the Opera and the Operatta

  Carmen  Merry Widow bizet

While the classic Marx brother film is quite an entertaining classic and funny as hell, that really isn't what I want to talk about.  I think that rather dive into opera too deeply, I will recommend a recording of an entire opera and an operetta.  I really didn't discuss the operetta in depth but suffice that an operetta is a short opera and is generally a comedy rather than a tragedy.  The "Merry Widow" is a delightful piece that also gives us a glimpse of life in Paris around the turn of the century.  If you have been purchasing the CDs recommended here, you will realize that some of the tunes you have heard before.  Some of them are on the "Viennese Violin" CD.  I really enjoy the "Merry Widow" as it is a fun piece and if you follow along with the libretto you might pick up a little german along the way.   The opera Carmen was written by Georges Bizet.  Bizet also wrote some other works including a symphony and a suite called L'Arlesienne.  The suite is incidental music for Alphonse Daudet’s 1872 play, L’Arlésienne.