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Rich Andrews - not really
(The picture is not of  me, but the resemblence is rather remarkable)

Unix systems engineer and IT Security specialist.

  Former Audio and RF Electronics Engineering Technician, Broadcast Transmitter Engineer,
Electrician, Chief Engineer for WBBS-TV.

On the Internet since 1987.

    Enjoy! If there are any errors on this web page please drop me an email and advise me.  If you have a problem with any of the statements made please let me know as well.  It may be that I am misinformed, was mislead by others, or am just plain wrong.  It doesn't happen very often but it does.   In any case, please let me know.

What is here?

Speaker Engineering
Audio Electronics Engineering
Various Projects
-Line Arrays-
Pros and Cons

-The McIntosh MC2500-
Lowering the SNR ratio
-Classical Music-
A Listening Guide*
Designing a Computer based
Internet Radio/music storage sytem
-Car Audio Engineering-
-Quackery in Audio-
Perversions, Lies, and
-New Classical Releases-
Everyone is a critic,
including me
- Gravely Tractor Stuff -
Likely the best small tractor ever made.

Other music reviews

*Is the notion that any modern person can relate, and I mean relate in a significant, toe tapping way, to the music of an 18th century Austrian pantywaste who wrote about "Magic Flutes" patently ridiculous?

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